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Standard Factory testing carried out normally consists of testing with Dry Nitrogen under water to a minimum of 2 times the operating pressure of the coils under test. This applies to Chilled Water, Hot Water & Steam coils.
In some cases testing would consist of a static timed drop test using the same medium and a pressure above the standard operating pressure. The timed period is calculated in accordance with the size and volume of the unit.
Hydrostatic Testing is a further test that can be applied to units in order to confirm the conformity to the appropriate standards.
The testing of refrigeration coils involve different testing procedures. This is all dependant on the refrigerant used in the system. In most cases the testing is carried out under water to the appropriate testing pressure using Dry Nitrogen. Hydrostatic testing is not applicable in the case of Refrigeration coils due to the nature of the operation.
Test certification can be supplied on request at a nominal cost.
We can also undertake to arrange for external body testing by Lloyds certification bodies to the customers specification